How to enlarge your interior space with vivid mirrors?

Admin on 30 April 2021

Visually amplifying interior space would be a goal for people living in apartments. Strategically Placing vivid mirrors is the simplest way of enlarging interior space without hassle. In fact, as an alternative to soaring ceilings and oversized windows, these tiny mirrors can consume less space and fetch you the results that can make you amazed. These vivid mirrors can beat all design dilemmas and bring in the natural light, breaking visual clutter yet foster interior space to a considerable amount. In order to amplify your interiors and add on visual appeal, below are some of the tips.

Construct a Mirror Wall

For a living room that lacks essential windows, creating square footage can be a tedious task. In this scenario, mirrors can give you a hand in creating an actual effect of a real window. Positioning a massive piece of vivid mirror on the focal wall can instantly add a new dimension to your interior space. Though these mirrors don’t provide you with an option to view outside, they can still declutter the living room’s wall space aesthetically.

Framed Mirror

The fireplace is often located at the living room’s focal point though it doesn’t serve its purpose during warmer months. Considering the fact, you can emphasize it by adding a dazzling framed mirror over the fireplace mantel. These framed mirrors not just help you in enlarging the interior space but also create reflective surfaces to the aesthetics pieces on the fireplace mantle.

Enlarge Your Bathroom Vanity Wall

The kitchen and bathroom are the two spaces that set the tone of your home, especially when guests check in at regular intervals. When your bathroom lacks sufficient space, providing it with colorful mirrors will help create an illusion. This dimension is impactful in keeping your guest in their comfort zone. For instance, you can position a mirror beside your bathroom sink in a floor-to-countertop design to increase additional space and reflect artificial light in the bathroom. On the other hand, with a freestanding bathtub, you can add a floor-to-ceiling mirror at its back. The bathtub’s reflection will instantly add immense space to your bathroom, and your guests can use it for getting dressed and personal grooming.

Multi-Functional Mirror Designs

If you are on the lookout for an appropriate space to hang diversely shaped mirrors, consider adding them on closet doors and storage cabinets. This customization will help you in enlarging the interior area. It is a known fact that mirrors that serve multi-functional will make a room look extensive and incredible!

Mirrors for Reflective Windows

Are your interiors dark? Mirrors can aid you in reflecting light into your room. Apparently, this process is critical as the application of too many plain mirrors can make your home appear to be a funhouse rather than a delightful house that fascinates your neighbors. You can hang a mirror opposite a window or a hanging chandelier that reflects natural light incredibly. But, the application of over one mirror will result in making the interiors awkwardly bright.

Group Mirrors for Visual Treat

Opt for a couple of smaller mirrors and a giant mirror and paint their frames in your desired colour. Now, you can place them together on the focal wall to create an organized appeal in your living room. A meticulously placed mirror will provide widespread space and alter your interiors effortlessly.

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