Getting Creative with Dining Hall Partitions

By Admin, 31 August 2021

When budgets are tight but change comes a-calling, it’s time to get crafty with some unconventional hall dining partition designs.

Creating the Perfect Reading Corner for your Home

By Admin, 27 August 2021

Reading corners are personal spaces where you can truly be at peace with yourself. Here are some ideas on how to convert a part of your house and create a cozy reading corner.

Making Monsoon Maintenance a Breeze!

By Admin, 28 July 2021

Much like our own health, our home also deserves attention to prevent cracking, aging, and leakage during the rains. Here are our expert tips to maintain your home during the monsoon season.

Swingin’ With the Times

By Admin, 20 July 2021

Be it compact or large, here are some balcony swing design ideas to inspire you to take up the challenge of creating a beautiful outdoor space while also taking a look at the tips and points to keep in mind before you pick one

Private spaces: Top design trends to personalise your bathroom

By Admin, 30 June 2021

Often considered a safe and intimate space for most of us, let us take a look at a few trending designs this year that we can use to convert our bathrooms to best reflect our needs and personalities

Vastu décor hacks for the modern Indian home

By Admin, 20 June 2021

Here are our design hacks to boost the feelings of positivity, security, and mental peace in our homes using the ancient science of Vastu Shastra.

Serving an aesthetic to Worship

By Admin, 28 May 2021

Concerned about how to set up a pooja room or worship space in your urban home? From traditional to modern and simplistic, we have a list of how you can assimilate this into a functional space.

Home storage with a creative twist!

By Admin, 20 May 2021

A pile of things you don’t want to get rid of but no place to store them, or items lying strewn around the house with no space to put them away for later.We have certainly all faced this problem with our living spaces. It doesn’t matter whether we love to periodically clear out our spaces for non-essentials or a hoarder who finds meaning in the smallest of things to save them, designing the right type of storage in a modern home presents a challenge, but working with professional architects and innovative interior space designers can solve this problem. Working in tandem with you, they will come up with creative solutions that will make furniture and spaces multi-functional to provide ample storage in almost any area of the home.

How to enlarge your interior space with vivid mirrors?

By Admin, 30 April 2021

Visually amplifying interior space would be a goal for people living in apartments. Strategically Placing vivid mirrors is the simplest way of enlarging interior space without hassle. In fact, as an alternative to soaring ceilings and oversized windows, these tiny mirrors can consume less space and fetch you the results that can make you amazed. These vivid mirrors can beat all design dilemmas and bring in the natural light, breaking visual clutter yet foster interior space to a considerable amount. In order to amplify your interiors and add on visual appeal, below are some of the tips.