Plants that thrive in your apartment kitchen

Admin on 16 March 2021

Providing space to houseplants in your room is the quickest way to add elegance to your apartment. Especially in the kitchen, growing indoor plants sum-up some practical applications as well. Choosing the apt indoor plants in your kitchen can help you splash vivid colors and fumigate the air.

Taken into consideration that just a few plants can thrive and befitting on all kitchens, each apartment has its distinct humidity, light, and temperature conditions. However, the below-mentioned house-plants are best to try out in your apartment kitchen.

  1. Philodendron

Philodendrons are one of the genera of fewer kitchen plants that can flaunt amazingly in a hanging basket. Like pothos plants, Philodendrons have a high tolerance to drought and can survive & grow in medium to bright indirect light. These small plants are available in a wide range of colors and shapes and are notable for being an air-purifier in apartments.

  1. Herbs

Growing a variety of herbs in your apartment’s kitchen space tend to be an apt choice, and you cannot find anything healthier than cooking with organic, home-grown, and fresh herbs all around the year. When the kitchen is constructed in a space that receives direct and bright sunlight during the daytime, all herbs can grow seamlessly. Besides, you can help these herbs grow with the aid of a grow light. Some of the herbs to grow in your kitchen are parsley, chives, rosemary, mint, basil, thyme, cilantro, and oregano.

  1. Succulents

For apartments with a windowsill in the kitchen, succulent plants are a go-to option. Succulent, in other words, used to denote the plant’s ability to store incoming water in its structure, right from leaves to stems, to make it resistant to drought. Succulent plants are available in abundant types with stunning colors, shapes, and sizes. Some well-known and kitchen-friendly succulent species are aloe vera, kalanchoe, haworthia, crassula, sedum, and echeveria.

  1. Ficus Elastica – Rubber Tree

For people looking to create a significant statement in their kitchen with indoor plants, Ficus Elastica is an excellent choice. Being one of the species of Fiddle Leaf Fig, these plants can sustain and grow in various conditions. Since this plant can grow exponentially, regular pruning is mandatory to maintain its size intact for kitchen space. Based on your kitchen’s size, design color, texture, and wallpaper used, you can select from a wide range of rubber tree plants.

  1. Coffea arabica - coffee plant

For coffee addicts, here is the terrific option to add-on in your kitchen. Though you can’t harvest beans (coffee) out of indoor plants, the coffee plant’s fragrance, compact growth habitual, and glossy leaves can enhance your kitchen to enable you to stand comfortably during cooking. To grow this plant comfortably and thrive in your kitchen for an extended period, you must provide it with bright light, adequate space, and frequent watering.

  1. Chlorophytum - spider plant

Chlorophytum, also known as spider plants, is one of the easiest kitchen plants to be taken care of. Unlike other plants, these plants can be hung around anywhere in the kitchen. When conditions are ideal for these plants, they sprout out flowers prolifically. You must look out to avoid keeping these plants in the direct sunlight as it can cause the leaves to burn.

  1. Saintpaulia - African Violet

The Saintpaulia plant is a perfect substitute for people who enjoy seeing vivid color flowers in their kitchen. When provided with ideal conditions, these Plants can surprise you with colorful flowers throughout the year. You need to give these plants bright sunlight and sufficient water to witness the visual treat.

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